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Welcome to bbBOARD!               From The Manuals:
bbBoard v2
Could you use the most customizable,
powerful and secure bb software?

What if it was also simple to use?

bbBoard v2 is simply the best. No one offers more options, scalability, security or ease of use. Just download one file, run it and you have a board. If you're serious about bulletin board technology, if you want one that gives you everything you want and more, bbBoard v2 is for you.
All tricked out. And then some.

The difference is simple. bbBoard v2 is written in the most powerful scripting language on the Internet: Perl 5. You can change anything you want by hacking into the code -- add admin privileges, modify HTML, add database backends and create add-ons. But its flexibility is about more than hacking. You can also create templates for each page, change forum views, change colors and images and anything else. Want to integrate other software? Just use bbv2's programming APIs. When we say customizable, we mean it.
Power. Power. And more Power.

Want to talk about power? bbv2's unique features give you admin control over everything. Our database backend support includes mySQL, PosgreSQL, flat file and a range of others. Want to write your own? We support that as well. For frontends, we support WAP, NNTP, Telnet, MSN Messenger and a ton of others.
Security isn't a problem.

Don't lose sleep over your board's security anymore. Our Admin Password and other features ensure security from a range of potential threats. If a security hole develops, we'll begin work on a patch instantly and plug the hole as soon as it's found. Sleep tight. Your board's secure.
An alternate bbBoard v2 style Upgrade your board. Big time.

Click to order bbBoard v2. You'll soon be running the most powerful, scalable and secure board out there. And every day, we're working to make it even better. Whenever you need it, you'll get quick and helpful support, and constant upgrades.

Payment Options
We accept all major credit cards (Visa, Delta, JCB, Switch, Solo, Electron and Mastercard), PayPal and paper cheques. Prices listed above are in GBP.

Order bbBoard v2 right now.

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» Business license: £89 GBP
» Regular license: £50 GBP

Rent bbBoard v2:
» Business license: £6.99 GBP/month
» Regular license: £4.99 GBP/month

License Only: (no tech support)
» Business license: £35 GBP
» Regular license: £14 GBP

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Latest Updates
v2.67 Released
18 May 2006
Lots of new features!

v2.65 Released
29 Mar 2006
Google Deskbar plugin, and lots of new features!

Cheaper Licenses
We are now offering licenses without tech support, for a much cheaper price.

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